The same girl with her new website ❤️

Guys, go to my new website at

You can find my latest writings there =)

Happy as ever! ❤ I finally have the opportunity to rebrand my blog website and blessed to have it after my name.

I'm thankful to my readers for visiting, reading my blogs and articles. Your comments and encouragement support me well in writing and sharing with the world. ツ

Not forgetting my backbone for his never ending support and motivation, dear husband. Xie xie, wo ai nie. ❤ My family, thanks for your love and support. ❤

Fellow writers, photographers and artists, thanks for living up the art of life and love in this world.☺️

Deep inside me, I truly know how deep is my passion for literature and art. I wish you find your passion like how I did for anything that you love and wish for.

Someday I will share with you the story behind the 'fall in love' moment in finding my true passion. 
Thanks a lot for reading and hope you enjoy reading my new website. ☕❤️


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