The same girl with her new website ❤️

Guys, go to my new website at

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Happy as ever! ❤ I finally have the opportunity to rebrand my blog website and blessed to have it after my name.

I'm thankful to my readers for visiting, reading my blogs and articles. Your comments and encouragement support me well in writing and sharing with the world. ツ

Not forgetting my backbone for his never ending support and motivation, dear husband. Xie xie, wo ai nie. ❤ My family, thanks for your love and support. ❤

Fellow writers, photographers and artists, thanks for living up the art of life and love in this world.☺️

Deep inside me, I truly know how deep is my passion for literature and art. I wish you find your passion like how I did for anything that you love and wish for.

Someday I will share with you the story behind the 'fall in love' moment in finding my true passion. 
Thanks a lot for reading and hope you enjoy reading my new website. ☕❤️

Do what you truly LOVE ❤

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It's been two years since I started blogging and 1 year seriously blogging. ABOL is now 2 years old (and counting). =) To look back, it was an interesting journey which I'm glad I took the opportunity to share my writings with friends around the world. Thanks to my hubby who encouraged me a lot. >3❤

Through him, I know that blogger and other writing websites exist. I understand that there is a platform for writers to express their ideas and art. If I had known earlier, I would have no idea what I could become. Nonetheless, I always have faith that life events happen at the right moment especially when you never see it coming.

Yes, never thought that I'll be sharing my writings with the whole world. There are so many ups and downs in delivering your thoughts for the world to appreciate and recognize. The funny thing, at times the people you know demoralize you and think negatively about the good that you're doing. Just bear in mind, if they don't make any sense, but just to make you stop doing what you love, ignore.

Take it easy, and perhaps some individuals are just being snobbish and envy of the work that you put through all the way. So many people I've met and I would say the best people are those who encourage, support, inspire you no matter how unbreakable the world gets, and guess what? Most of the times, these people are not your 'friends, friends'. They are the ones that you barely know but just have that pure heart to drive you till you flourish. They are not resentful.

Damn, it's just too hard to find friends who are not your foe behind those masks. Nevertheless, they are still real friends, but you simply can count them with your fingers. The ‘one’ who is willing to be with you and support you even if the world thinks you are stupid or crazy. Bad news, that's just one in a million.

Yeah, it is. If you think, "Nah, I have tons”, wait and watch. Most of us used to be in that shoe, happily knowing that friends don't eat friends. This is the real world darling, people kill people to get what they want. Maybe not with guns, but with their mouth and dirty little agenda. Bottom line, watch your back honey cuz they might be someone who are just too crazy and can't see the beauty and happiness in you. 

Oh, how could I get here? I guess, in the way of paving your road to do what you love towards attaining success and happiness, there are always lots of people who can’t just see that. They just want to rob that happiness away. Why? Cuz they don't have it, and they feel dreadful to see you just flying happy with the people you love. You know what I mean if you are experienced enough.

I'm sharing part of the reality of life. I love to be positive, but then sometimes the more positive you become, the more hurdles comes in your way cuz life isn’t easy. Nevertheless, with faith, love and willpower, this is just part of parcel in life to make you stronger, right? The stronger your heart, the harder those bad individuals try to put you down. Let God handle the immoral individuals.

Whatever you do, my friendly advice is, do what you really love. Your heart will be free from the tortures. Great and successful people always say that do what you truly love because it will lead you to greater success in life. 

Why is that so? Cuz you're happy. And I'm happy as long as I can write. I'm happy as long as you are eager to read this article. I'm happy if you finally understand the real significance of my writings. I'm happy if you could comfort others and yourself for betterment through my sharing. I'm happy when my readers are pleased and learned when they read my works. =)

Yours truly,

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Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016!
Happy New Year 2016 friends! 
Let us welcome the year which is new and fresh and
cherish each moment it beholds. 
Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. 

Sofia Naznim

Make Money Work Hard For YOU!

Nothing is impossible if you believe in it. Sometimes you just have to be bold enough to fall hundred times before you can stand up strong and help others who starting to fall in business or life. It is never easy to make a business a success, but it is worth the journey to attempt and make it materialize if you really want to strive. Every business objective is to make money, profit; nonetheless there is more than just profit for every business. That "more than just profit" is based on business owner's intention. Some are just noble to begin with. In brief, your mindset helps a lot in living life to the very best of it. Hopefully this simple illustration of mine from Robert T. Kiyosaki input helps you on business knowledge and perspective. One important note, find and treasure that group of people who really support and inspire you. You will go further and accomplish things in life better, God bless. =)

Sofia Naznim

What success means to me in life?

In the Middle, Photo Credit: SF Artography
What does success mean to me in my life? Many years I have been searching for the answer since I was a young little girl. After understanding life better through personal life experience and other people’s life experiences, to me, success means happiness and happiness means success. It is a direct link between them. 

If you are happy, it means that you live your life with purpose and you achieve what you truly want and need in your life. This includes happiness in doing what you love until you reach new heights and triumph.

First, for me, happiness is when I do the things I love. For example, my passion is to write poetry and stories. I write since I was 13. I began writing seriously when I met my husband where he encourages me to pursue my dreams and share my writings with the rest of the world. This year, I share my writings and photography with many friends from different parts of the world. I’m doing what I truly love, I’m happy and God bless, this is my joy and one of the triumphs in my life. 

Happiness for me is also when I’m helping less fortunate beings. At the moment, my husband and I are focusing on two projects, which are ‘Feed the Homeless and Hungry’ in KL and also feed the stray cats and dogs. If I can make other people or animals happy, I’m happy and that is what success means to me.

Success is a journey, not a destination. So is happiness. Once we feel the real feeling of happiness in the power of loving, giving and living, we will understand the real meaning of success! 

By: Sofia Naznim

*Wrote for my public speaking class based on the given topic 
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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Swarovski Christmas Tree, Photo Credit: SF Artography
The best gift in life is not the presents, 
but the presence of our loved ones in our life. 
Enjoy this holiday and make it count every moment. 

Lotz of lurve,
Sofia Naznim

Happy Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (PBUH)

Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Photo Credit: SF Artography
Happy Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (PBUH)
Have a blessed day =)